Online metadata editing and file data provision

Offline metadata editing and file data provision

Data provided by the Data Discovery Portal are stored in the Central Metadata Catalogue. In WADI we use GeoNetwork as a free, commonly used and open source cataloguing application. It provides the metadata (data descriptions) to the public and gives WASCAL members access to public and internal data, scientific documents, maps, etc. GeoNetwork provides a comprehensive online editing tool for metadata, which can be used to create and edit metadata online. It allows the up- and download of data, documents and files of any type. By an integrated Web Map Viewer data from distributed Web Map Services can be overlaid and visualized interactively to perform basic geospatial analyses based on WASCAL's geographic data stock. Start the Catalogue application by clicking the picture BUTT (Bulk Upload and Transfer Tool) is a client application to create and edit metadata offline. After finalizing the editing process metadata and data itself can be submitted to the Central Metadata Catalogue. Precondition is the presence of a java virtual machine (version = 1.8+) on the user’s computer and the installed java web start plugin. If your JAVA is older than 1.8 then you can change the TLS settings in order to run butt. For windows go to: Control Panel - Programs - Java - Advanced - Advanced Security Settings" and select TLS1.2 To do this is not a security risk, because TLS1.2 is more secure than the older versions of TLS (but it is disabled by default by JAVA versions less than 1.8) Start the BUTT client application via java web start without installation or configuration by clicking the picture above.

Time series data provision

Quality assessment of time series data

Time series data are usually provided as ASCII or Excel files and are imported into WADI automatically once provided. However, in order to import the data properly, WADI needs some information regarding the site setup, measuring devices, parameters and the structure of the import file(s). These information can be provided using the TSM Configurator. This is a Microsoft ACCESS application that allows to insert all required meta-information to import the time series data into WADI. This application can be downloaded here as ACCDB file or here as MDB file. The filled ACCESS document together with at least one data file must be sent as E-Mail attachments to the WADI admins ( After implementation the specifications and approval by the system admins the data will be imported into WADI and are accessible. Once the import characteristics of time series data from a certain site are included into the data base, new data from this site will be automatically imported by sending the data file as an attachment to Time series data are gathered and made available to the public via semi- or fully automated systems. These data undergo a range of checks to determine their correctness. To illustrate, scientists, technicians or preconfigured sensing systems are able to check certain aspects of data (e.g., range, spikes, steps or missing values). It is important that this kind of quality control information is well organized and communicated to people involved in collecting and using them. INSPECT is an online tool that allows visual inspections of data series provided by WASCAL sensor observation services. INSPECT is developed based on the 52°North Sensor Web Client v3.11. The online tool can be used to query and visualize time series; however, only authorized users are allowed to perform data flagging. The flagging tool is only internal available at: