Additional information and documentation

Data Management Plan

The WASCAL Data Management Plan aims to describe the approaches necessary to implement a WASCAL data management infrastructure. It concerns the management of data and data products to be created by the Core Research Program, the Graduate Program and the research teams in the Competence Center. The data will be hosted and managed at the Competence Center. The plan acts as an agreement between data users and data providers/creators in the framework of WASCAL, on how to use, store, disseminate and publish data generated by the project. The target audience for this plan is all project members, in particular scientists from German and African research institutions as well as partner organizations providing and using data and data products. The Plan also provides a basis for the overall planning and development of the central WASCAL data management by: A draft of the datamanagement plan can be downloaded here

WASCAL Data Policy

The WASCAL Data Policy outlines the principles adopted by WASCAL regarding its data policy. The detailed implementation of these principles is further described in the Data Management Plan. The data rights statement in this document provides general directives and rules on how to share, re-use and cite all research data in order to