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 +The WASCAL Data Management Unit (DMU) is a team responsible for maintenance and further development of the technical, organizational and data policy framework of the WASCAL Data Management System, the support of WASCAL users by trainings and individual assistance and the development and management of the WADI-Data Portal for streamlining data access and search. It is managed by
 +  * Dr. Ralf Kunkel1 (Coordinator of DMU), Phone :​++49-2461-61-3262,​ Email:
 +  * Edem Pedanou1, Phone: +226 64435358, Email:
 +  * Antonio Rogmann1, Phone: ++49-228-73-4904,​ Email:
 +  * Juergen Sorg, Phone: ++49-2461-61-5535,​ Email:
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