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The user can enter different search conditions in the search panel, which is located on the left side of the main page (see Figure 2) and the second page (see Figure 3). The easiest way to enter search conditions is to use the free text search. Within the free text search you can enter a text string, which are being compared to the contents of the following fields of the data sets in the metadata catalogue:

  • Name/Title
  • Abstract/Description
  • Keywords?

Free text search is available either on the first page (see 2 in Figure 2) or in the “Search” menu (Figure 8). If the user enters “soil” in the free text search field (2 in Figure 2 or 1 in Figure 8), for instance, and triggers the search by pressing the “Search” button (2 in Figure 2 or 8 in Figure 8, respectively), the system founds all data sets, which contain the word “soil” in the fields listed above. If more than one terms are entered, it will be interpreted as an “AND request”, meaning that the metadata-set must contain all of the search terms.

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