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WADI protects data ownership, intellectual property and data privacy. The WASCAL Data Policy outlines the principles adopted by WASCAL regarding its data policy.The data rights statement in this document provides general directives and rules on how to share, re-use and cite all research data.

In general, information about data or any other digital resource – the metadata – is visible to all visitors of the WASCAL project. Usually a metadata record is linked to the data it describes. Some data is in the public domain and accessible to every visitor of the WASCAL Data Discovery Portal (WDDP) by download, whereas other data may be accessible for specific users only, for example WASCAL members or project partners. To download restricted data it is necessary to have an account in the WADI-Data Portal.

Based on the rules and regulations as outlined in the WASCAL Data Policy, user accounts are created by the Data Portal Administrators.

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