Purpose of this data Repository and Portal (Rep)

The purpose of this time series data platform is to provide a regional open access to west african ground climate data for the sake of supporting research, capacity building and services development on climate change.

The data is collected from WASCAL local mesoscale watershed basins and pilot sites, and also from the transboundary observation network built together and shared with the National Hydrological and Meteorological Services/Agencies (NHMSAs) of WASCAL member countries. The data collection equipment are mostly Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and Automatic Hydrological Sensors (AWS) which are sending the data automatically to systems part of WASCAL Data Infrastructure Repositories and Portals (WADIREP)

This time series data repository and portal is therefore part of WADIREP which is a key component of the overall WASCAL Data Infrastructure (WADI) which is a multipurpose set of infrastructure covering data lifecycle from data collection to its dissemination and long-term preservation passing through data processing and quality checks, data management, data storage, and [big] data computation.

The AWS, AHS, WADIREP, and WADI are exiting anf well working thanks to the continuous funding of the German Ministry of Education (BMBF), the collaboration of the NHMSAs, and the leadership of the WASCAL Director of Research in peculiar, and WASCAL Executive Management Team (EMT) in general.

Thanks to them all.

WASCAL Data Management Department, Competence Centre.