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WASCAL Data Sharing Policies

WASCAL CoC,WASCAL Observation Networks (WAS-ONs),WASCAL Data Management,Open Data

    Sharing research data strengthens open scientific culture and collaboration, fosters diversity of research analyses, inspires new research horizons, helps envisage new or alternative hypotheses and methods, allows the exploration of new research...

    National Adaptation Programme of Action (Niger)

      The overall objective of the NAPA is to contribute to the alleviation of the adverse effects of climate variability and changes on the most vulnerable populations with the prospect of a sustainable development. In this area, some adaptation...

      Coudoumaria-39: WASCAL Donated Automatic Weather Station in Niger

      WASCAL CoC,WASCAL Data Management,WASCAL Observation Networks (WAS-ONs)

        This is a BMBF funded Automatic Weather Station (AWS) donated by WASCAL to Burkina Faso through DMN(Niger) to strengthen the climate observatories of the member countries, co-develop together a regional/transboundary observation network to...