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Land Cover of West Africa, 250m resolution, 2006

    Land use/cover classification of West Africa based on multi-sensor earth observation data. The regional land cover/use map for West Africa has a spatial resolution of 250 m. It is based on earth observation data from three optical and radar...

    The WASCAL Data Management Plan

    WASCAL Data Management

      The WASCAL Data Management Plan (DMP) describes the data to be created in WASCAL and the measures, methods, tools, standards and rules to warrant its proper management, archiving and exchange over the long term. The DMP was written at the...

      WASCAL Data Sharing Policies

      WASCAL CoC,WASCAL Observation Networks (WAS-ONs),WASCAL Data Management,Open Data

        Sharing research data strengthens open scientific culture and collaboration, fosters diversity of research analyses, inspires new research horizons, helps envisage new or alternative hypotheses and methods, allows the exploration of new research...

        Fractional Vegetation Cover, West Africa, 2007-2012

          Time series of fractional vegetation cover (fCover) information for West Africa. The regionally adapted, continuous, and gap free time series has been created by data fusion methods based on fCover products of LSA-SAF (

          Yanfolila-4: WASCAL Donated Automatic Weather Station in Mali

          WASCAL CoC,WASCAL Data Management,WASCAL Observation Networks (WAS-ONs)

            This is a BMBF funded Automatic Weather Station (AWS) donated by WASCAL to Burkina Faso through ANAM (Agence Nationale de la Meteorologie) to strengthen the climate observatories of the member countries, co-develop together a regional/...