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WASCAL Data centre Infrastructure and portals (WADI ) consists of a superstructure of hardware, software, network resources and IT services set up by WASCAL to enable and ease the collection, storage, management, discovery, access, sharing, and dissemination of data and related services to combat Climate Change within the West African region in collaboration with data owners, providers, users and managers.

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Nurse vaccinates smiling baby.

If you’re an American over the age of 25, you may remember chickenpox -- formally known as the varicella zoster virus -- as an inevitable rite of passage. As the Center for Disease Control has written: “Before the availability of varicella vaccine in the United States, almost everyone had varicella.”

Data Publishing Groups

External partners with authorized access to the CRP Cluster 1 Climate and Weather data and products.

Data from DKRZ researchers collaborating with WASCAL


PT-DLR Data Group

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This is a storage space provided to GENERIA project members to freely store their project data.


How do changing workforce demographics inform how we budget for a retirement and pension fund or budget and program evaluation?